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About ooss.se


Why ooss.se ?

It stands for "Oskar Och Sara Smedendahl", translate to English "Oskar And Sara Smedendahl"


Right now we have taken some parental leave and are going to spend this time in Thailand.

This time we travel as a family, we hope this will give us new experiences worth taking with us in our lives !


We started to plan a world trip in year 2005. It was Saras idea to take a huge vacation. At first Oskar wanted to have normal trip, just a couple of months. Sometimes your woman actually have a great idea, so don't let it pass you. As a result Oskar were persuaded and we started the journey at new year in 2006/2007 and finished in Febryary 2008. There is an unbreakable truth. That all places we visit we could spent much more time there. Even if you have a whole year to travel there are never enough time.


We did another trip between 2008 and until now 2014. Got married in 2008 and bought a house the same year. worked for a while in Norway. Back to Sweden and in 2009 we got our son William. In 2010 William got a little sister named Julia. 2013 we bought another house in Björlanda Kile in Göteborg.

Contact details:

Oskar Smedendahl

Email: oskar.smedendahl@ooss.se


Sara Smedendahl

Email: sarasmedendahl@hotmail.com


Thai mobile: +66 9 49184366


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